Uncharted Review: 3 Reasons to Love Nathan Drake

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  The fourth installment of Naughty Dog’s action/adventure franchise, Uncharted: A Thief’s End, has been pushed back from it’s Spring release date to May of 2016.  This is not the first delay the game has encountered, originally intended to be released in 2015, however, fans of the first 3 games have reacted patiently and pleaseantly, knowing that developers promise the … Read More

It Follows: Quick Review

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Quick Rundown A not-quite-retro styled horror flick about a sexually transmitted urban legend-esque affliction with creeper side effects. One-Sentence Review The soundtrack is orgasm-inducing good, the atmosphere is amazing, the directing is spot on and it flounders only slightly toward the end. For Fans of legitimately good  horror, synthy John Carpenter soundtracks, interpreting metaphors, being followed, Oedipus complexes Lunch Table … Read More

Casey Plays Bloodborne

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(CONTAINS SPOILERS… at least for the first section in Central Yharnam) Let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely zero experience with this game, or the previous games from creator Hidetaka Miyazaki (Demon Soul’s or Dark Souls)  Man… this guy has a thing about souls. Right off the bat I could tell that this game was not going … Read More